The Cover Letter image

Your covering letter opens the doorway for your CV. It points out to the potential employer, information showing that you have the qualities the job calls for and what it takes to be good at it. The covering letter makes a statement about you and your suitability for the job. It should give the personal touch that your CV will intrinsically lack.

  • The letter MUST be personally addressed to someone by name.
  • It must be laid out as a standard business letter.
  • It should never be more than one page long.
  • It should be printed on a good quality paper, typically 100gsm in weight and watermarked. Ensure that the stationary used for your CV and Cover Letter are the same.
  • It must quickly explain what you have to offer.
  • Summarise your experience and achievements that are relevant to the job being applied for.
  • Highlight the most important points from your CV.
  • Persuade the employer that you are confident you can do the job, and convey enthusiasm.
  • Keep words, sentences and paragraphs short. It is recommended that there should be no more than four or five paragraphs, or 200 words.
Finally, you need to decide on what type of Cover Letter is best suited to your current situation, a Speculative or Specific Cover Letter. Either way, it is important to research the company you will be sending your CV to.